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Sebastian is a composer, multi-instrumentalist  and sound engineer based in Malmö, Sweden, with a professional experience of over a decade in the music industry. Sebastian comes from Bogotá, Colombia, where his musical and sound journey began way back in the late eighties when at the age of 4 and with the help of an abandoned old Casio keyboard he started learning songs of latin-american music and some songs of his favorite band The Beatles.  

At age 13, he discovered classic rock and immediately fell in love with it after listening to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. This was a pivoting point in his life, one that has never changed became the main interest and his biggest passion.
Soon after, he started playing drums and formed his first bands during high-school, some years went by and he emerged as an outstanding drummer in the underground rock scene of Bogotá in the early 2000´s.

After consolidating himself as a high quality performer in the local scene he then studied a bachelor in music and composition in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá where he earned the Distinction Award at graduation for his final work, his first full length album "The Psycho´s-Intereference", critically acclaimed by the underground rock scene in Bogotá.

Always looking for improvement and growth he then moved to London where he studied music production at the former Alchemea College of Audio. During his time in London he became a regular session musician, playing different instruments including keyboards, guitars and vocals as well as drums. By the end of his time in London he started working as a live sound engineer, skill which he developed during coming years.

He then moved to Bergen, Norway, where he continued working and polishing his skills as a sound engineer, producer and composer; recording and performing with various local bands and artists including  Escaping Spirals, Sun Age, House by the Lake, Monstereo, Brukband and others. During the same time, he got in involved in the foundation his first music production studio with two of his best friends "Electric Drive Recording". 
During mid 2015 he moved to his current living location Malmö, Sweden, where he's been working for different productions and venues. In 2018 he realized it was the right time to commit fully and founded his own studio Acosmo Sound  where he continues to develop his skills composing music and producing records.

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